Dr. Pritam Choudhary 
Museum Associate
Date: 29 June, 2018 
At Rock Art Centre, IGRMS, Bhopal

Title: “Importance of Traditional Weekly Market in Tribal Life”
“An Observation with Special Reference to Dindori District of Madhya Pradesh”

Market is an important part of economic system. It fulfilled the various needs of human from simple to complex or modern society. Usually tribal simple society lives in the remote dense forest. As per the census of 2011 the ratio of tribal population is 8.6% in the total population of India. There are 43 major tribes in Madhya Pradesh out of which 3 tribes are under Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups. The tribal form 21.1% of the total population of the state. In the present study markets of Bajag, Chada, Dhurkuta and Pandripani villages of Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh are selected. The tribals get the daily use items from periodical markets organised at one particular place. They bring different agriculture products or forest produce char- chironji, harra, bahera, Amla, Aam, Bhilma, Roots, Muhlaien leaf, Mushroom etc. to the market for sell or exchange to get other essential items. Market are useful not only from economic point of view but also has important role in performing social affairs. In the present study three type of exchanges has been observed first simple exchange, second reciprocal exchange and third trade exchange.

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