In India, there are two types of Museums. The Art and Archaeological museums, in the first category, highlight the artistic traditions of India. They do not tell the story of the evolution of the Indian civilization and about the varieties of cultural life in contemporary India. The other category of museums deals with natural history, science and technology, and conveys through its exhibits, the basic principles of the subjects they deal with, but it tells very little of the man who has created and developed the civilization. Some of the larger composite museums in India, namely, Indian Museum, Kolkata, Government Museum Madras etc. do contain sections on anthropology but the exhibits are mostly of curio type or of an artistic value, and have limited coverage. The IGRMS has, thus, been conceived to be an Institution dedicated to the presentation of the saga of Man in time and space, with accent on the richness and diversity that have gone into the making of Indian culture.

Updated date: 15-07-2020 03:50:08