Household articles are very common objects found in each and every family, society and culture. In these sections the objects are mostly of daily used and are different in nature, shapes, material, and utility according to their geographical situations. For instance, in plain geographical terrain the household articles are mostly metallic where as, the wood, bamboo and fibers are used to manufacture household objects in hilly regions. In this category the objects are strongly related to the food quest of man. From cooking utensils of the kitchen to the granary and from sitting objects to sleeping peripherals all are included in this category. There is a large collection of household objects present in IGRMS archive which are collected from different corners of the country. The main objects in this category includes utensils, plates, glass, pitchers, grinders, mate, containers, brooms, lamps etc. which are made of different materials like clay, wood, brass, leaf and metals.

Updated date: 16-08-2016 01:46:36