Art and Crafts

In India arts and crafts have survived as a way of life. To practice these as a hobby is a western notion. In Indian folk and tribal societies arts or crafts emerged because of their need and as and when requirement aroused the people, this created for fulfillment of their requirement which later on was defined as ‘Shilp’. The function of art and craft in providing a livelihood is often surpassed by its more important function on the major events of life such as birth, initiation, marriage, death as well as annual and seasonal festival. Therefore, most of the objects include in this category are terracotta, paintings, wooden or metal objects which are integral part of socio-religious order of traditional and contemporary village and tribal India. In this category IGRMS has collected various creative objects in different forms and medium which includes terracotta, wood, grass, shells, iron, bell metal and paintings.

Updated date: 26-09-2016 03:08:51