Exhibit of the Month- October, 2015

Weaving is a traditional art in the hilly terrains of Uttarakhand. Taan – a traditional handloom is prevalent among the rural areas of the state since ancient days. Taan was specially used for weaving Dan, thick woollen carpet. It is a simple and practical tool which is manufactured by using indigenous technology. The carpet produced from this loom is strongly built and very attractive. The etymology of the word Taan comes from the stretched position of woollen strings in the loom.

Taan is extensively spread in the two major divisions of the state- Garhwal and Kumaun. According to the local sayings Taan was previously used by the Dom (a scheduled caste community) and in course of time, the increased utility of Dan impelled its expansion in entire Garhwal and Kumaun region.


10/17/2015 to 11/17/2015
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