Artist Camps & Workshops - Revitalization and dissemination of vanishing but valuable cultural traditions has been an important objective of the museum. Owing this view museum started organizing artist camps and workshops for tribal and folk artists in 1992 by organizing 'Padav' a workshop of tribal and folk artisan working on metal, wood, bamboo, etc. So far over 100 artists' camps and workshops including four international workshops at Bhopal in its premises as also at several other places in India have been organized. 'Padav' 1993, 'Charaiveti', 'Chinhari', 'Dwipantari', 'Parampariya', 'Rachna Prasang', 'Rangy Vaibhava', Sarjana, Tantuja, Kriti, Anant yatra, etc., are some of the important artists workshop organized in this series.

Updated date: 22-06-2018 09:08:09