SKUNGLING or KANGLING is Second Exhibit of the Week of the month of June 2020

SKUNGLING or KANGLING is Second Exhibit of the Week of the month of June

Due to the spread of covid-19 pandemic the museums throughout the world are closed but identifying different innovative ways to remain connected to their visitors. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya (National Museum of Mankind) has also taken up many new initiatives to face the challenges posed by this pandemic. In one such step it is coming up with a new series entitled ‘Exhibit of the Week’ to showcase its collection from all over India. Under this series, The "SKUNGLING/KANGLING", A trumpet made of human thigh bone of the Ladakhi Tribe from Ladakh, India was displayed in the audience as the 02nd Exhibit of the June, 2020 through Facebook.

SKUNGLING/KANGLING is a trumpet made of human thigh bone used as a ritual trumpet in the Himalayan Buddhist funeral rituals. Adequately decorated with silver, it is also used in tantric rituals and wrathful practices for dispelling the evil spirits. Tibetan shaman, either of the Buddhist or Bon traditions or of both, employs this kind of trumpet in many rituals of exorcism and weather control. Here the instrument’s threatening drone is said to unhinge the powers of the malignant spirits who possess a human’s personality or divine beings who vindictively retain the elemental powers of thunder, wind, hail, and rain. This instrument is decorated with red, green and blue coloured small semi-precious stones fitted on its metal components that serve as blowing end (mouthpiece), central ring and a flared opening.

Visitors can see this object from home through the Facebook site of the museum.

Updated date: 09-06-2020 09:54:37