Museum Popular Lecture on the eve of World Heritage Week

Museum Popular Lecture

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya will organize a Museum Popular Lecture on the eve of World Heritage Week in which Prof. Sanjeev Singh, School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal delivered lecture on ‘Collective Memory personal memory as a tool for understanding phenomenological discourse in Varanasi: A case of Manikarnika Ghat’ This spiritual cleansing or the stripping of self is an art, to co-relate the discipline in language of religion.  All the ancient cultures around the world had eventually come to this common understanding that at the end of this process, the soul might leap to what it suddenly recognizes beyond the mask, hence, liberating itself from sensible realities.


However, there are places on earth that pre-date this understanding as well. The unique and distinct aspects of such places are often reflected in the variety and layering of the space where such understanding transcend down to. Rituals become the part of the associated performances where the coalition of such worlds is celebrated. The spaces are the manifestation of the above mentioned hypostatized transcendences.


 There are cases where some even feel the need to reinforce the collective consciousness on the user groups. The potential for locality to embody, symbolize, and evoke both personal and collective memory is an important aspect of the role that sacred escape can play in building a sense of community.


Prof. Singh further gave example of Cremators, bereaved pilgrims, Aghoris and tourists and described their roles on Social Order, special logic, special order. They told that development of Manikarnika Ghat is according to their day to day ritual activities. Also he emphasises that the creation of Manikarnika Ghat as the naval of Vastupurushmandala within the cosmic city of Varanasi and its further development of stigma within various groups and users along with its own sense of higher-being.


At the beginning of programme Dr. Surya Kumar Pandey, Assistant Keeper appraised all from Prof. Sanjeev Singh.


Prof.Sarit Chaudhuri  summerised  the whole deliberation as well as various issues raised by the participants and focused the significance of  such research  in the context of understanding the notion of sacred landscape from interdisciplinary perspectives.     He further stressed on initiating such studies even by the museum  professionals  in order to understand the civilizational values going beyond the binaries of Sacred and Profane domains.

Vote of thanks given by Mr.Dilip Sigh, Joint Director of  IGRMS.

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