Field work at North east by IGRMS team- January 2019

On 12th January 2019, a field visit was conducted by the team of IGRMS to explore the sites of Rael (Tokopat Farms) maintained by the local Tokopat growers. The settlements of Galo villages along side the Likabali-Alo road in Lower Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh were covered during this visit upto the Basar area from Magi, Siji, Till, Chisinau, Kamdak and Pagi villages to find out the possibilities for the collection of Tokopat in the region.

Tokopat, also known as Taek in the area is an important resources that are widely grown and nurtured by the individuals in the fields/ farms to meet their requirements of thatching houses, granaries and other structures required in their settlement and habitat. This locally available natural product is considered to be one of the most ideal components of thatching material.

According to the local practice, felling of Tokopat is generally held during Amavasya (dark period of lunar cycle). It is believed that Tokopat felt during this period are durable. The leaves which naturally bends to to the span of its full weight are considered to be mature and suitable for harvest.

During this visit, the team availed the opportunity to interact the villagers and document the traditional Galo house types.

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