Exhibit of Month series- July 2018

Under the museum series ‘Exhibit of the Month’ of Indira Gandhi Rashtirya Manav Sangrahalaya - Igrms Bhopal, a traditional object is displayed in the appearance for a whole month. The exhibit for the month of July - “PHAN” a traditional can and bamboo receptacle used in every household of the khamti tribes from Gosainbari,khamti gaon lakhimpur Assam, is on display in the indoor exhibition building – Veethi Sankul. This exhibit of the month' has been compiled by Mr. Shrikant Gupta . (Museum Associate).

Phan is a traditional cane and bamboo receptacle used in every household of the Khamti tribe for serving meal to the elderly members of the family with respect and dignity. Every family among the Khamti tribe, the tradition of serving meal on this receptacle is indispensably practiced. Cooked meals, nicely packed on Tongching (local leaf) and decorated on bronze utensils (Komphi, Wanthong) are properly served on the Phan. It is tightly lidded to maintain the sanctity and wisdom of hygiene and the unique tradition of paying respect to the eldersIt is believed that meal served on Phan will refrain from getting contaminated and perished. Khamtis firmly believe that Phan should not travel outside the family. When it moves outside, it is believed to be inauspicious.

Updated date: 06-07-2018 06:57:18