Rock Art Heritage

Rock Art Heritage : An Open Air Exhibition Indira Gandhi Rash triya Manav Sangrahalaya is one of the few museums in the world where pre-historic rock paintings are found in the museum premises. The museum has developed an open air exhibition named the Rock Art Heritage by using some of these shelters. There are 36 rock shelters containing pre¬historic painting situated in 4 locations in the museum premise. The Sangrahalaya opened this exhibition in the year 1991. Coinciding with this, a national seminar was also organized on the theme 'Rock Art in India'. The Sangrahalaya has constructed a separate building near the chain of rock shelter. This building titled 'Adi' or 'Rock Art Center' was built for providing introductory orientation on rock art in India with special reference to the rock art in Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya's shelters. Adi is one of the important periodical exhibition facilities of the Sangrahalaya where some other periodical exhibition are on display based on the themes related to the working of this museum. Nearly 11 shelters closer to the Adi have been facilitated by improvising path ways for comfortable visit to the shelter, to witness the paintings, some of which can be traced back to Mesolithic period. The museum has also prepared a special signage and information system in these rock shelters for which prehistoric paintings are etched on metallic plate as they are distributed in a particular shelter. These plates are mounted on pedestal made of fiberglass in the form of natural rocks. These labels become very useful to the visitor in locating the situation of painting on wall or ceiling of the shelter where it has been drawn by pre-historic painter. This exhibition serves as a universal expression and communication of human thought since the dawn of humanity. Depictions of human and animal figure in the paintings in these shelters are in large numbers. A travelling exhibition has also been prepared on the Rock Art Heritage of India with special emphasis on the rock art in this museum premises. This traveling exhibition has already been mounted in a number of places in India and in a few cities in Italy.

Updated date: 30-12-2015 02:42:02