• The first day of fusion music festival ‘Fusion-2016’ at Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya commenced with performance of Manipuri band ‘Ehool’. The band performed on compositions and direction of Mr. H Anilkumar.
    The band presented composition a collage of various rhythms and beats of traditional Manipuri drums supported by other instruments like Sanantara, Violin, Flute, Conch, Kartal, Pena, Penao, clappings and other musical effects. The ethnic percussion instruments Langden, Dhulok, Meitei Pung and other innovative bamboo base drum and beating style which have been used in different occasion of the state from pre hindu period and present day are blended together to form such a unique composition.
    This young talented group of performers has been working towards Manipuri music and its associated performing art forms and fusion music for the last 15 years produce various music compositions and showed before impressive audience at home and abroad. The Manipuri women which spearheading in various works of life also involved in the artistic activities to the Manipuri music. In this presentation by focusing to the talents of graceful and modest talented girls handled the Manipuri traditional drum Langden and other male dominated instruments. Basically in the Manipur drumming is performed by the men. The duration of the fusion music composition was of 45 min.