Museum Education Programme

Museum Education Programme - 'Do & Learn'

Museum Education Programme- As part of its programme to salvage and preserve local resource management traditions the Sangrahalaya started a series of demonstration and training of creative art forms in the year 1988-89. This programme series titled 'Do & Learn' museum education programme was aimed at imparting practical demonstration cum opportunity of learning the skills of preparation of traditional art and craft forms prevalent in the rural and tribal societies to the housewives and students. The first programme in this series was a ten days, workshop named "Mitti Se Aakriti". In this programme huge number of students learnt the art of making earthern pots form traditional artisans. Two special programmes named 'Paramparik Kalayen' (traditional arts) and 'Punaravritti' were organized specially for women in 1991-92. Since then nearly 200 'do and learn' museum education programmes have been organized. This programme brings out not only the knowledge associated with different traditional art forms but also creates awareness on the validity of different local traditions amongst the masses and makes attempt for moral boosting of respective craft persons and create a space of direct interaction with traditional community artists and participating learners.


Throughout the year visit to different exhibitions for visitors in general as also for special expert groups from inside and outside the country are also organized separate as guided tours. For information sharing trainees of Tribal Research Institute, various training institutions of Forest, Administration, Journalism, etc. are also provided with guide facilities. Special Education Programmes for school children are also carried out. School children from Bhopal and surrounding areas visit the Museum in batches of 50 to 150 students in each group. These students are given exposure to the theme 'Man, Habitat and Environment' and are also provided with opportunity of creative work on this theme through the media of clay modeling and drawing

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