South Asian Vernacular Architecture Challenges to its continuity and Strategies for its Future Conference, Demonstration & Exhibition

12/11/2015 to 12/13/2015

The South Asian geographic region shares a common cultural landscape which is also evident in its vernacular architecture, arts and crafts. The built environment is representative of traditional beliefs and values which have related the human body to the earth and the sky, and is therefore full of meanings for each individu al and for the community who have built it. The conscious act of participation of the communit y in the rituals and seasons of its planning, construction and maintenance hold important ecological lessons for a sustainable future. The conscious use of locally available resources for living and occupation, and measures for the continuity of these resources can be understood as useful approaches in the conservation and sustenance of the social, economic and physical environment. Vernacular architecture is representative of local cultural identities, unlike contemporary practices in modern architecture which generates forms which could be anywhere and everywhere.



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