Projection of Documentary film on Hill Korba

08/25/2016 to 08/31/2016
Rock Art Centre, IGRMS, Shamla Hills, Bhopal

Projection of Documentary film on Hill Korba
Dur: 47 Minutes on 26-08-2016 at 12.00 Noon

Documentary Title-
लुप्त आखेट-हिन्दी
(The Lost Hunt)
(Subtitled in English)
(Duration: 47 Minutes)

Produced by Sudhanshu Mishra Productions for Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalya, Bhopal in 2009.

This Documentary film is based on the life style of Hill Korba Tribal Community Directed by Sudhanshu Mishra. Hill Korba's is popularly known as Pahadi Korba of Sarguja District of Chhattisgarh State of India. Earlier Pahadi Korba's identify them-self as Hunter. In this film, The story of two friends namely Mr. Bagrai and Mr. Bachrai is described. Mr. Bagrai and Mr. Bachrai both were known as great hunter. Accordingly to story Mr. Bachrai have one beautiful wife and Mr. Bagrai want to get his friend's wife. For that finally he killed his friend. They workship Banjari Devta for saving their life and for that purpose, sacrifice the Animal. Pahadi Korba's lost their hunting practices and started agriculture practices, Fishing activities etc for survival. But due to less agricultural field and low agriculture production survival was difficult, and Because of that they memorize their old hunting life style. Pahadi Korba always enjoy their all events by drumming, dancing and drinking country liquor with their community member


  • Hill Korba Film by IGRMS


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