Cultural events


Performing Art Presentations: Song, music and dance are an inseparable part of community life in India. With an objective of the revitalization, dissemination and popularization of these performing arts forms as also for of their popularization museum organizes programmes of live presentation on various aspects of community life in its premises at Bhopal and at other places in various part of the country. The first programme in this series was organized in May 1990. This programme titled'Janarang' was a presentation of tribal dances by the artists of a few communities whose house types have been constructed as exhibit in the Museum's open air exhibition. Earlier during the inauguration of the exhibition 'Tribal Habitat' a similar presentation of informal nature was also organized. Since then the museum has been organizing such events of cultural presentations participated by the artists from various tribal and folk communities from different parts of the country. So far 110 events of such presentations, featuring nearly 400 forms of cultural presentations have been organized by the Sangrahalaya at its campus in Bhopal and also in various places throughout the country. Some of the worth mentioning events include Charaiveti, an international meet of Tribal and Analogues people organized in 1993, Chinhari - a programme on Tribal Identity organized at Bhilai in the year 1995, Dwipantari-1998, with participation of artists from South East Asian countries and Charaiveti -2 organized in March, 2004 in which nearly 30-40 troupes participated and presented traditional performing arts.


Poonam: The Museum is dedicated towards the conservation, preservation and dissemination of various patterns of contemporary cultures including aspects related to the life characteristic with special reference to India. With this objective the museum has already commenced programme activities for providing information on and opportunities of learning traditional creative art and craft as also presentation of performing art form of the tribal and folk communities. In the year 1992 when the Sangrahalaya collaborated with the Madhya Pradesh Govt. in organizing Malwa Utsav, the Museum held a programme of recitation of classical music by the renowned artist from Malwa region. Based on the experience of the popularity this programme received and looking after the popular demand by the people for holding such events on a regular basis the museum instituted a programme series titled 'Poonam' aimed at presentation of Indian classical music by renowned musicians and music maestros. The first programme in this series was organized on the full moon night of Sarad Poornima with the Santoor recital by Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma in the year 1992. Since then 35 events have been organized under the moonlit open air performance area situated near Avriti Bhawan on Lake view site of the museum premises. India has been abode of various musical traditions, such as folk, tribal and classical music. Poonam, has been made as an effort by museum to present the programme of celebrated musicians across the country to the public. The effort was appreciated by the people of town and prompted the museum to invite ace musicians of the country for performance in this programme series. Some of the great musician of contemporary time who have given their presentation include presonalities like Shubha Mudgal, Dr. Bal Muralai Krishna, Pt. Hari Prasad Chourasiya, Mukul Shivputra, Ken Jukermen, Raj Shekher Mansoor, Suma Sudhindra, Shamla G. Bhave, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Dr. N. Rajam , Sharan Rani, Zarine Sharma, Debu Chaudhuri, Chhannu Lal Mishra, Ajoy Chakraborty, Ullhas kasalkar, Parveen Sultana and pt. Jasraj. The series also had a few presentations of traditional Indian classical dances in which the artists include Malvika Sarkar in Kathak, Mahua Mukerjee in Gaudiya and child Prodigy Upasana Upadhyaya in Bharatnatayam .


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