Public Relations

The Public Relation Unit of this museum started functioning from the year 1988 during the opening of Tribal Habitat, the museum's first open air exhibition for public visitation. Since then the role of this unit widened day by day and now the scenario is this, that this unit issues nearly 100 news bulletins, press notes, special features for printing in news papers, periodicals and telecast through electronic media every year. The Public Relation Units make efforts to popularise the activities of the Sangrahalaya, resulting in increase in influx of visitors to witness various programmes and exhibitions and in growing participations in various education, craft demonstration and other programmes. This unit also arranges distribution of other publicity materials like invitation cards, posters, folders, brochures, leaflets, handouts etc. on various programmes to the public. So far this unit has prepared nearly 5000 press notes, features etc. for printing through print media and telecast through electronic media. The unit has also held two live in question answer sessions on Akashwani.

Updated date: 16-12-2015 04:40:01