From the hoary past man required clothing to wear or to cover the body with a sense of protecting from cold. Before the emergence of clothing man used the animal skin, leaves, barks etc. for the purpose which later on was replaced by fabric cloths. Depending upon the climatic condition and the geomorphological location of the area, people of India use various kinds of costume in different parts of the country. Some time a person changes his costumes according to the occasion (marriage, festival etc.), availability, place and time of use. Other than the wearing there are different types of textiles used for different purposes. Because of their ritual or social signification this costumes are required to be preserved. IGRMS has collected different varieties of costumes for different age and sex groups from different regions and community of India. Other than costumes IGRMS has also collected some embroidered, dyed, printed, hand woven and fabricated clothes like Kantha, Kalamkari, Pichhavais, Alizarine, Phulkari, Chickenkari, etc.

Updated date: 16-08-2016 01:47:44