Musical Instruments

From the very beginning man has adopted music in his life. Leather it is vocal or instrumental it became a part of life and eventually their culture. Individual or group musical rendering are essential component of each and every society. Traditionally musical practices are not only the means of entertainment but also serve the purpose of communication and presentation of a culture. Some tribal and folk societies have gained specific identity only because of their music and dance. IGRMS has a large number of collections in this category. On the basis of typology, shape, size and use these musical instruments are categorized into four groups, such as percussion instrument, string instrument, wind instrument and clapper groups. The Percussion instrument includes single and double membrane drums, Tambourine where as the String instruments include Violin, Sitar, Musical bow etc. In the Wind instrument flutes Whistles, blowing pipes and bugles are important. The Clapper group includes cymbals, gongs and musical bells are important.

Updated date: 16-08-2016 01:49:06