Games and Amusement

In ethnographic game is frequently a simplified and secularized ceremony of an older culture. Games and amusements play an important role in the life of the people. Games in the past may have been adopted as a source of mental and physical fitness. One can observe various types of games and amusements in different parts of the country. There are some games found every where in the country where as some games are region, occasion, age, sex and community specific. Whatever be the means of games and amusements, it has socio-cultural significance and serves some social and religious purposes. Therefore in an ethnographic museum it is very much important to collect different means of games and amusements developed and used by various communities in the course of development. In this category IGRMS has collected objects from different means of amusement found in traditional as well as contemporary culture which includes masks, toys, puppetry, dices, tops, leather puppet and dolls.

Updated date: 16-08-2016 01:46:23